Ritz Club ParisSignature Treatments

Administered in plush cabins, all Ritz Club Paris signature treatments are designed to optimize profound harmony in body and mind. Whether you seek to realign balance, unravel tensions, or energize by stimulating circulation and nerve endings, each protocol has been carefully developed for efficacy and just letting go. Every treatment starts with an initial consultation and an attentive ear to adapt treatments to each individual’s physical needs and state of mind.

Reopening on May 19th, 2021, upon reservation only.

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The signature massage


Experience the art of letting go.

With this relaxing, sculpting massage, the muscles unwind and tensions melt away.

Every facet of this treatment is designed to create a moment of absolute relaxation, from breathing techniques to a deliciously enveloping massage.

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Absolute relaxation

A Ritz Club Paris signature, relaxation alcoves that are sheltered from view on a balcony overlooking the pool. Veiled curtains, a summer sky that invites reveries, soft lighting and comfortable lounge chairs invite you to finally let it all go.

The Pool Bar

Overlooking the pool and the relaxation area, the Pool Bar has the spontaneity of a refined beach bar complete with exclusive healthy cocktails by the world's best Head Barman, Colin Field. A selection of juices can help prepare for or complement the benefits of treatment protocols.